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In 1981 I was in Dallas, Texas conducting free jazz improvisation workshops at a local state college. I was impressed with the musicianship of the participants, and when I asked if they were music majors, I was surprised by the collective response: "Heck no! We're computer science majors." Here's a quick fly-through of where this casual Q&A eventually led:

In 1983 I got my BA in Math, and soon thereafter got an entry level job in an actuarial consulting company. Mary and I got married in June, 1983 and we moved up to a quiet part of NJ, Wanaque, where we still live. Within 2 years, thanks in part to early FORTRAN programming experience at BHSS, I was promoted to senior management and was the head of the company's computer department - the fastest track from entry level to senior management in the company's history. I rediscovered that I had a talent for info/tech problem-solving, and my career as a performing musician had provided the confidence needed for effective people/project management. In 1988 we had our first child, Alexander (named after Alexandria where my father was born). Mary decided that two masters degrees and a P.E. license weren't enough, so after Alex was born she started Law school (eventually becoming a member of NJ and PA bar, and currently  Director of Strategic Planning for the NJ Turnpike Authority). Mary and I were both uncomfortable with the prospect of raising kids while pursuing two full-time careers away from home, so our solution was for me to start my own tech consulting business working out of the house. I became the primary care provider for Alex, and then Amber, who was born ion 1991. I have always worked my consulting jobs around the kid's needs, working all-nighters for years, coming home at dawn, before Mary left for work, in order to be ready to get the kids up for school. My customers have included a Fortune 1000 corporation, an International investment bank, local government entities, small businesses, and public and private schools.

I was fortunate to become intensively involved with information technology at a time of rapid evolution in its capability and societal impact. The forces at work in this field, both in its application and its conceptual development, are today more dynamic and far reaching than ever




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